Redensity 1 is an award-winning revitalizer that restores hydration, luminosity, and tone to your skin. It is specifically designed to target dull complexion, fine lines, and dehydrated skin on your face, neck, décolleté, and hands.

Redensity 1 is a mix of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients for complementary effects on skin cell regeneration and health. The unique patented formula of effective natural components includes:

  • 8 amino acids which are essential for the cell regeneration process
  • 3 antioxidants recognized for their ability to protect against free radicals
  • 2 minerals required for the cells’ health and protection
  • Vitamin B6 involved in cell metabolism
  • 3% lidocaine local anaesthetic to contribute to comfort during the injections.


The procedure consists of multiple superficial injections into the skin, all over the face or into targeted areas. Numbing cream is used for comfort.

A treatment protocol usually consists of three appointments spaced three weeks apart with a maintenance treatment one or two times a year. Results are visible after the first treatment, but the cumulative results one month after the third treatment are the most exciting.



  • Three treatments £500
  • Single treatment £200.

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